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Austria’s energy policy rests on three pillars: security of supply, energy efficiency and renewables. The country’s efforts to decarbonise the economy have progressed as renewable energy use has continued to grow, while use of fossil fuels has decreased.


Key recommendations, 2014

  • Develop a post-2020 energy and climate strategy

    Develop a post-2020 energy and climate strategy including a special focus on security of supply and internal market dimensions. Specifically, analyse how emissions could be reduced with domestic and EU-wide measures only.

  • Address concerns over energy prices

    Regarding the raising energy prices and costs, further promote energy efficiency and greater retail market competition.

  • Foster gas and electricity markets integration

    In doing so, put a special focus on the need for: coordinating and co-operating with neighbouring countries, encouraging investment in networks, optimising demand response and integrating variable renewable energy supply in a cost-effective and market-based manner.