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Reducing CO2 emissions while producing enough cement to meet demand is a global challenge, especially since demand growth is expected to resume.

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Key findings

Direct CO2 intensity of cement in the Sustainable Development Scenario, 2014-2030


More efforts are needed to reduce the direct CO2 intensity of cement production

From 2014 to 2017, the direct CO2 intensity of cement production increased 0.3% per year. To get on track with the SDS, a 0.7% annual decline is necessary to 2030. More focus is needed in a number of key areas: reducing the clinker-to-cement ratio (including through greater uptake of blended cements), deploying innovative technologies (including CCUS) and increasing uptake of alternative fuels. Governments can stimulate investment and innovation through RD&D funding and by adopting mandatory CO2 emissions reduction policies.