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Trucks & buses

Tailpipe CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles have increase on average 2.2% annually since 2000. Trucks account for more than 80% of this growth. Vehicle efficiency standards, together with efforts to improve logistics and operational efficiency, are needed to slow growing emissions.

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Key findings

Heavy-duty vehicle sales in countries with adopted fuel economy (and/or GHG/CO2) standards


Momentum has been growing around policy coverage for heavy-duty vehicles

Emissions from trucks and buses have risen at a rate of 2.2% annually since 2000. While policy coverage for heavy-duty vehicles (HDVs) still lags behind that of light-duty vehicles, policy momentum has been growing. With new policies adopted in India in 2018, and in the EU expected in July 2019, more than half of HDVs sold worldwide will be covered by fuel economy and CO2 emissions standards. To achieve the Sustainable Development Scenario, more countries must adopt standards, and existing ones must become more comprehensive and stringent.


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